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Gamers everywhere are becoming rightfully fed-up with the wagering requirements put forth by many online casinos. These requirements are designed to prevent players from abusing a given bonus or casino code, but it can lead to frustrations among those who cannot withdraw funds or access winnings due to unnoted stipulations. Despite a casino's best attempts to communicate restrictions clearly, most users simply don't want to deal with wagering restrictions. This is why many seek to find enterprises that offer up a no wager promo.

Not sure what a no wager bonus is or how you can find your own no wager promo? Below, we'll outline the basics of these bonuses and casino codes that may help you to find them. Don't let unnecessary restrictions take the fun out of your gambling experience. Let's explore no wagering bonuses below.

What Is No Wagering Bonus

Let's dive right into the meat and potatoes. What exactly is a no wagering bonus? Well, the answer is a lot more straightforward than it seems. As the name implies, this is a bonus that is put forth by the casino. With this bonus, you do not need to fulfill any strict wagering requirements in order to cash out any funds that you won while using the bonus. Additionally, you do not often have to use casino codes to access this bonus.

With a no wager bonus, you are permitted to keep your winnings and the amount won is automatically added into your account along with the rest of your balance. These funds can be withdrawn at any time, no questions asked and without playthrough requirements. Generally, the most common type of no wager promo you'll encounter will come in the form of free spins. However, some casinos will grant these bonuses in the form of cash. If so, it is known as a cash back bonus.

Coupon Required

Keep in mind, some cash back bonuses will require a casino code for use. How does a cash back bonus work? Let's say you haven't actually earned any winnings within a certain time frame. After that time period has passed, the casino will offer you back a percentage of the cash you have deposited. Let's just call it a bit of pity money. You are given this money back free of any wagering requirements or stipulations. Hence why it is a no wager bonus.

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Understanding the Requirements

You know a bit about no wager bonus offers, now let's get into the idea behind wagering requirements. Let's just say, most players look at these requirements with an adequate amount of disdain, even though they are fairly common among most online casinos. What exactly are these requirements and do they apply to casino code offer?

In simple terms, when a casino puts forth wagering requirements they are telling you the exact number of times you will need to bet at the casino in order to cash out your bonus winnings. Let's say you have a $20 casino bonus that comes with a 10x wagering requirement stipulation. That means you'll need to bet $200 on eligible games before you can cash out your winnings. When these requirements exist, they will affect most casino code offers.

While in theory this seems harmless enough, many players are frustrated by the fact that some casino bets do not count. In other words, only certain games will apply. It is paramount to know the exact terms and conditions put forth by the casino to know exactly how to use your casino code or bonus. Until you meet the exact wagering requirements, any money you have procured will be deemed a "pending balance." Sure makes a no wager bonus seem more appealing, doesn't it?

If you cannot meet those requirements in a given time, any bonus winnings you procured through your casino code or bonus offer will automatically be forfeited.

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What Are No Wager Bonus Free Spins

Luckily, not every casino operates with wagering requirements and many do offer no wager bonus offers and casino code offers free from all the fine print. Oftentimes, this will include what is known as a no wager free spins. If you enjoy playing slots, this is pretty much the pinnacle of what you could want in terms of a bonus or casino code. Free spins or zero wager spins are bonus spins that are not bound by a wagering requirement. What does that mean for you? You get all of the no deposit free spins and can collect winnings at any time. If you win big, you can get your money right away.

How can you get no wager bonus free spins? Well, some casinos will offer these no wager promo offers upon completing an initial account sign up on the site. Others will offer these casino code bonuses once you play enough video slots in the gaming portfolio. While no wager promotional free spins aren't exactly common, they do exist and can prove quite profitable when you stumble upon them. Some casinos will also offer no wager bonus free spins right through their site. Just claim on whatever slot you are playing.

Terms And Conditions

Since no wager promo codes imply there aren't any wagering restrictions, that means you don't have to read the terms and conditions, right? Not so fast. Don't let the joy of a casino code or no wager bonus keep you from reading through the terms and conditions anyway. While there aren't any explicit wagering requirements on these casino code offers and bonuses, they will often come capped on the maximum winning limit. For example, if a casino sets a winning limit to $200, any extra cash you earn from your no wager bonus above this number will have to be forfeited. Remember, always read the fine print before getting started at any casino, regardless of the glitzy casino code offers.

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Find No Wager Casinos

Finding no wager casinos with casino code offers can often feel like finding that needle in a haystack. However, it can be done and plenty of casinos are starting to see the benefits of rewarding players with these types of offers. To know whether or not a casino is a no wager casino, always read the fine print when it comes to any bonus offers or casino codes, including your welcome bonus offer.

If a site lists "wagering requirements" or the need to playthrough in order to garner a bonus, you're not getting a true no wager promo. Remember, these are bonuses without stipulations on when you can withdraw your winnings. Keep your eyes peeled for any casino without wagering requirements and go from there. With this knowledge in mind, you'll find the best casino code offers in no time.